This Woman Claims She’s An Alien Hybrid

Alien-Human Hybrids are amongst us, we’ve already established this plenty of times in past articles, but what we usually don’t get to do is actually have a proper discussion with them. Their allegiance is usually quite mixed, they know that they are not human.

They know that a lot of people will not accept them, so instead, they turn towards their other side, towards the one that made them who they are today.

Today though we’ve had the pleasure of listening to a woman that not only claims to be a human-alien hybrid but one that swears her fealty to humanity instead of the alien civilization. From what we know about them, these hybrids have their mothers kidnapped and inseminated.

The child has both the features of humans and aliens, they mostly resemble humans for camouflage purposes but you can tell that there’s something different in their eyes and in the way they speak to you.

Lisa has even stated that she feels like she can look through someone’s soul if she wants to, she often has out of body experiences and she can feel herself drift through space at will.

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