Thousands Of Extraterrestrial UFOs Leaving Earth Filmed By ISS

The International Space Station reported a new discovery back on May 18th of 2020 when it captured thousands upon thousands of spaceships all evacuating Earth in complete unison. According to experts, this was done because they are running away from something, but there are some skeptics around that doubt the legitimacy of this discovery.

According to them, this is all just ice particles falling off of the International Space Station and reflecting light into the camera, but experts are convinced that this is not the case. Originally posted by the “High Definition Earth Visualization” channel on the Upstream platform, this is a very strange discovery, to say the least.

They predicted this to happen over three years ago, as they claim that the Dalton Minimum will return after first emerging in 1790 – 1830. Known as the most extreme weather period in history, the Dalton Minimum is supposed to almost end life on Earth as we know it, as seismic activity will increase tenfold amongst all other natural catastrophes on Earth. Video:

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