Time Traveler Reveal The Future Map Of United States After Devastating Events (2020-2025)

Al Bialek was born 1927 and throughout his career, he’s worked for some of the most controversial fringes that the US military has ever owned. He came out with a lot of statements regarding them and their doings, he even stated that the United States is way more powerful than we could ever even imagine.

One of the first projects that he worked on that made him privy to this information was the Montauk Project. Many details regarding the Philadelphia Experiment were documented by Bialek, he is in fact the one that brought forth a ton of information regarding the Mind Control tests that the US has often been accused of.

He even claimed that multiple mind control operations were exerted over him and that after his memories started coming back he was sure that he wanted to spread his knowledge to the general public so that they don’t end up like him. According to him, he was a part of multiple expeditions to Mars that even dated back to 100,000 BC to a research station. That’s where he uncovered that a terrible catastrophe will befall the United States in the following couple of years. If you’re interested in this and in the maps which he showcased then check the video below.

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