UFO Hunter Discovered What It Seems To Be A Crashed UFO – Using Google Earth

As we all know by now, being a successful archaeologist doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with skill or intelligence, but more so with luck and resources. For the most part, some of the world’s greatest discoveries weren’t made by experts in the field, but by newcomers that just accidentally stumbled across these discoveries on their own. The budget also comes into play here as the credit always goes to the richest of the archaeologists that can finance the excavations.

This is why virtual archaeology is the future as it completely eliminates the concept of resource management from the equation. This is how one of these virtual archaeologists came across what appears to be a UFO crash site at one of the British Overseas Territories. This discovery was made thanks to the Google Earth app. The Reddit user’s name is Hey-man-Shabozi and he asked fellow UFO enthusiasts what they think about this discovery and whether it is legitimate or not. He stated that this discovery was made around the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Area.

Since the object that came crashing down here is over 200 feet long (61m) and it casts a 50ft (15m) shadow it appears as though it is a massive UFO of some kind. The trail it left off is over 3,000 feet (915m) long and it appears as though it is no longer functional after taking the dive.

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