UFOs Are Actually Time Machines – Aliens Are Humans From The Future

Have you ever considered the possibility that UFOs are not really spaceships, but rather potential versions of ourselves that produced time travel and, for whatever reason, wanted to travel back in time – to our time? There’s a good chance, according to MIT professor Michael P. Master, that this is the case.

There have also been debates and speculations as to whether time travel is feasible or not. It’s fair to think that if someone is trying to develop this technology well, they’re going to want to go forward in time to see what the future holds, or back in time to see the mistakes we’ve made so that we don’t repeat them.

Extra-tempestrials is a concept that the Masters have coined to describe these time-travellers. And, according to him, it’s fascinating to see that these “beings” have human-like characteristics, anthropomorphic qualities that are similar to ours. In addition, the ability to communicate through the use of a language.

This is a very fascinating subject. Given the vastness of the world, don’t you think it’s too coincidental for all UFO sightings to happen to beings that are, to some degree or another, very similar to us?



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