Underwater Megalithic Structure With Laser-sharp Cuts Discovered in Japan

In case you didn’t know already, plenty of locals from Japan believe that the Sun originates from there. As silly as it may sound, the belief has been going on for ages now as the locals have always apparently stated that there must be something about the area that sounds out just enough for this to be the truth.

As soon as this was made clear overseas though the US Naval Commodore Mathew Perry decided to give them a visit and see for himself this place out of which the Sun originated.

The original expedition took place in 1853 as he decided to investigate the archipelago of Nippon alongside all 6,800 islands that keep it taped together.

Although they could have made this harder for him than it needed to be, the Japanese government couldn’t actually intervene as they didn’t own the lands in the first place. This is one of those special areas which is protected and looked over by the locals so unless he was breaking the environment and bending it all to his will they couldn’t intervene.

The local sect, although a bit took aback by the request from the US commodore, eventually gave in and allowed him to study the place.

This is where he came across a series of megalithic structures that he believes to be proof enough of an ancient technologically advanced civilization that has built them in the first place.

The first of the bunch is a megalithic structure known as Yonaguni. What’s really impressive about it is the series of laser-sharp cuts which can be observed all around its construction.

This 400 meters wide (1312ft) and 150 meters long (492ft) megalith is quite insane, to say the least. The Ishi-no-Hoden is just as crazy though, as it was discovered around 11km (7miles) away from the Himeji Castle, near the town of Takasago, and according to experts, it showcases having undergone similar laser-sharp devices upon creation too.

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