Unidentified Object Docked In Antarctica Discovered By Researchers

A stranded UFO was recently discovered by Marcelo Irazusta, a newcomer Ufologist. Through the use of Google Earth, he was able to scan around the area and see the strange object himself. He posted a lot of pictures and theories regarding it on his own Twitter on which he stated that this was discovered originally in the Graham Land from the Antarctic Peninsula. Despite the fact that many people had seen it before, it was never considered to be a flying disk before, so this is definitely news for a lot of people out there to say the least. You can see the video yourself that he posted on his Twitter which claims that after he started zooming in on the coastline, he saw it sitting right there in the open on the surface of the sea.

Although there are definitely skeptics out there that don’t believe that his discovery is legit in the first place, there is definitely some merit to this as if proven it could lead to us actually retrieving a real UFO after all this time. You can check it out on his YouTube channel “Planeta Snakedos” where he even theorized that NASA themselves took the picture and put it on Google Earth for him to find it.

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