Warning About Possible Alien Invasion Made By An Area 51 Employee Released By Anonymous

Anonymous have solidified themselves as incredible assets for humanity as they have clearly proven themselves capable of uncovering some of the world’s greatest mysteries. What sets them apart from most other corporations out there is the fact that they release it all for the public’s eyes, they work for us, with us, not against us, as most other organizations do.

Recently they uncovered yet another damning proof in the form of an audio file. In this audio file, you can hear a former Area 51 employee talking with a governmental figure about an upcoming alien attack. He states that we are powerless against the force of the outsiders and that our governments are ready to strike back in case we do survive the initial attack.

He is afraid that he is being recorded and yet continues the discussion nonetheless. He tells the governmental figure that these “extra-dimensional beings” are planning on committing genocide on us and that after the initial retaliation of humankind we will be able to shelter ourselves in safe zones strategically placed in Asia.

The general consensus is that this audio is real but some believe it’s not as recent as it appears to be. Many people believe that it dates back to 1997 when a similar story was released to the public. Regardless, you be the judge of the following video yourself:

Article by Ancient Blog.

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