We Are NOT The First Civilization On This Planet

This theory has been going around for ages now and for good reason too. The theory states that a civilization more advanced than our own lived on this planet 60 million years ago, and there is plenty of proof backing it up too.

Take for example the fact that around 60 million years ago the Earth was a lot warmer than it is nowadays which made it completely uninhabitable for most any species, let alone our own. The very core of the planet was melting which was destroying the planet from the inside.

A professor by the name of Frank told us that we have proof of this because of the scorch marks that our planet still has from that horrible period 60 million years ago. But where are their bodies you may ask? There are no bodies because they never died, to begin with, they escaped.

They farm the planet’s inner core to the point where it fights back to repel them. That is when this race is forced to find a new home.

We know this for a fact because there are signs on Earth of the planet’s core cooling off with time. Chances are that if they continued their business on Earth there would be no Earth anymore and that’s a fact.

Article by Ancient Blog.

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